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Anonymous: why is "hate breeds more hate" a bad thing to say?


Oh so many reasons.

1) it equates the anger of the oppressed to the hate of their oppressors.
2) it blames oppressed groups for their oppression. Bigotry doesn’t exist because people hate bigots. It exists because oppressed people oppose it. It exists because of bigots and because of privileged folks being complicit or tacitly condoning systems of oppression.
3) it’s fundamentally untrue. Hatred of oppression doesn’t lead to more hatred; it leads to progress.
4) it is used to attack any attempt by oppressed people to obtain liberation. Point out that something or someone is repulsively racist and all of a sudden you’re “breeding more hate”.

It’s a fundamental misrepresentation of reality that blames victims and excuses fucked up behavior.

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do i believe in love at first sight? absolutely. do you know how many anime characters ruined my life in their first 3 minutes of screentime

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In the future they’re gonna sell you air and you’re gonna fuckin buy it.

The lorax is a prophecy

When I worked at a movie theater. A woman bought her stuff at the concession stand on one of those days that had a lot of people at the theater, but it wasn’t “busy”

After finishing the transaction she said “If you don’t mind me asking, are you familiar with The Bible?”

Without wishing to offend and get myself another write up I said “Yes, but not as much as I should.”

She smiled and said “In the book of revelations it says the end times will come when every man has a number given to them and water is sold and bought. Kind of like bottled water and Social Security and Credit cards.”

After some seconds I absentmindedly asked “Well… should we not do things like that?”

She shrugged. “It’s prophecy. No use trying to go against it.” She then wished me well and went on her way.

I didn’t sleep well for the next few weeks.


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"i don’t listen to kate bush" - an idiot

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